Types of Analysts: Why Each of Them is Essential?

  • 20 min

Nowadays, there are many different types of analysts in the market: systems, business, full-stack (combining both systems and business analysis), and recently, data analysts and product analysts have also started to emerge. How do they differ?

This topic is not new and has sparked countless discussions. A Google search for “differences between a systems analyst and a business analyst” yields 158,000 pages!

Based on my personal experience, I will share what business and systems analysts do and how they differ. Additionally, I want to raise the issue of “new analysts”: data and product analysts. We'll discuss how to distinguish them, what their roles entail, and when they are all needed.

This talk will be beneficial not only for newcomers to the field of analysis but also for technical writers, as it will help them understand who among these analysts is responsible for writing technical specifications and program documentation.

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