Service Mesh

  • 40 min

Due to the widespread adoption of microservices architecture in modern IT companies, there is a growing number of technologies and infrastructure solutions emerging. As a result, the entry barrier into the IT landscape is rising, and some concepts and technologies may seem too complex to comprehend. One such technology, which is now indispensable in any microservices infrastructure and often triggers fear and a desire to skip articles, is Service Mesh.

The goal of this presentation is to explain Service Mesh to the audience in simple and accessible language and reduce the anxiety associated with this technology. The plan is to provide an introduction to microservices architecture, sidecars, microservices chassis, Kubernetes, and smoothly transition to the concept of Service Mesh, its purpose, scope of application, and introduce Istio as a tool.

This presentation will be helpful for new software engineers and anyone who wants to understand the principles of microservices architecture.

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