Round Table: How to stop worrying about task evaluations and start analyzing?

  • 40 min

Assessments are everywhere. The customer asks how long the revision will take to calculate how much he has to pay for it. The manager asks when the task will be ready to build a work plan. The wife/husband asks when you will be at home to plan the evening. Unfortunately, often incorrect estimates lead to self-eating, impostor syndrome, deadlines and other misunderstandings with yourself and others. 

Analysts, managers, developers, customers, integrators – all of them face problems of evaluating tasks and everyone looks at these problems from their own side. We invite you to the round table, where experts from different positions will tell you whether there is any benefit from evaluating tasks at all, how it is possible and how it is impossible to make estimates. The interactive format involves intensive communication with the audience, come to reason together.

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