Application TRIZ for Solving Problems with the Ultimate Level of Uncertainty

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I work in a startup focused on the product "Online Monitoring of Remote Exam Proctoring Using Neural Networks" (proctoring system).

When we entered the market, such a product did not exist in Russia, and there were few analogues worldwide—none of these used neural networks.

I will talk about using TRIZ methods to solve tasks related to developing new features and technologies. I will explain which TRIZ methods we used to unpack tasks like "Creating a neural network for behaviour monitoring" and "Implementing online monitoring of students." Additionally, I will outline a step-by-step algorithm on how to start problem-solving. The materials for the talk come from various sources, and the step-by-step plan is my own creation. The methods we used are a combination of Altschuller's, de Bono's, and BRRR!-effects, which seem to be most effective for me.

I presented the talk to my colleagues so that I used the metaphor of a canary to make the content more engaging and spark interest in the topic.

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