Workshop: What's a business analyst of the future looks like? And how to become one

  • 40 min

Expectations for the job of a business analyst are constantly changing. The differences between the role of a business analyst in a project yesterday and today are huge. A business analyst in the early 2000s can be called a kind of “requirements engineer”: at that time, a business analyst simply had to write down all his requirements and wishes for the customer. That was enough. Ten years later, in the 2010s, the customer expected the formation and delivery of value. What is the role of a business analyst today? What is he like, analyst 2020-2030? What does he need to know and be able to do? Should he understand system analysis and architecture? Or is it enough to “just” understand change management, economics, business processes, managing expectations and...? At this master class, I propose to discuss which competencies of a business analyst are especially valuable today, and which ones will be tomorrow? How to build your professional development track to always remain in demand?

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