Participation in Hackathons as a growth point for a system analyst

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  • 40 min

Everyone's heard the word "Hackathon" at least once, but has anyone ever wondered if it's easy to participate in it, become a finalist, a prizewinner, or even win substantial prizes? Nowadays, the topic of Hackathons piques the interest of clients (Hackathon sponsors). That's precisely why this talk is dedicated to exploring the impact of participating in Hackathons on the skills' development for a systems analyst and overall professional growth. During the talk, we will discuss the specific skills a systems analyst can develop and enhance by taking part in Hackathons. To do this, we'll examine the role of a systems analyst in the Hackathon process and outline their functions within a team. In conclusion, the talk will provide a summary of how participating in Hackathons contributes to the professional growth of a systems analyst and can open up new opportunities for career development. Advice on preparation and participation in Hackathons for systems analysts will also be offered.

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