We are the Coding Team: how can engineering practices help to remain a sought-after system analyst

  • 40 min

Shifting employer requirements of strong technical skills is one of the trends in the labor market for IT analysts. Knowledge of SQL and REST query structure is already considered a basic skill. What will enable you to exceed employers expectations and remain a sought-after specialist for years? After all, some companies are now trying to get rid of system analysts…

In the report we’ll review how your familiar toolkit makes the development process ineffective, leads to double costs and increases time-to-market.

The solution to these problems could be mastering engineering practices and making system modification yourself. Using examples based on Gazprombank real cases (making changes in data model and integration contract description) I’ll demonstrate that writing a code isnot much more complicated than SRS.

Mastering engineering practices, using VCS at first, one day will allow you to say with confidence: "Everyone writes code in our team".

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