Practical Approaches to Measuring Analyst KPIs in Agile Projects

  • 40 min

How to measure KPIs for analysts in the midst of our multitasking, complex workload forecasting, constant changes, and endless dependencies on others?

As an analyst and a team leader responsible for the collective outcome of the team's work, I present to you the talk "Practical Approaches to Measuring Analyst KPIs in Agile Projects." In this presentation, we will explore how to extract objective and valuable performance data of analysts in real numbers without hindering the team's work.

This talk will be of interest to analysts and managers who prioritize delivering high-quality work within tight timeframes. We will examine the theory, uncover the challenges of its application, discuss examples of useful KPIs, explore the difficulties involved in their implementation, and assess whether the game is worth the candle. As a result, you will receive a step-by-step algorithm for identifying and shaping key performance indicators.

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