From creating focus groups to revelation. How to create a focus group and keep participants motivate

  • 40 min

There is more and more interest and talks around the topic of UX research, but no one tells where the active target audience is hiding and how to motivate it to participate in your research. Therefore, our talk will focus on the topic of finding the audience and forming focus groups for different types of research. Using the examples of our products "Sfera.Tasks" and "Sfera.Knowledge", we will tell you which cases work well and where you can make a serious mistake: how to select participants, how to group them, how not to bore them with your activity. We will share techniques for working with audience and factors that are often ignored, but can significantly influence the activity of respondents. In addition to the talk, we will arrange a game-experiment that will show you how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. It will definitely be useful and not boring.

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