Questionnaires as a method of gathering requirements in product development

  • 20 min

Questionnaires are a powerful tool that allows to obtain valuable feedback from users and to gain a more in-depth understanding of their needs and preferences. However, despite their potential, many teams miss the opportunity to use questionnaires in the product development process, relying on their assumptions and intuition. Another problem is the improper design and utilization of questionnaires, which can lead to distorted results and a misinterpretation of user needs.

In my presentation, I will discuss why questionnaires are one of the most popular methods for gathering requirements and how they help obtain valuable information from users and stakeholders. I will share best practices and my own approaches to creating questionnaires to maximize user participation and obtain high-quality responses. You will learn about formulating questions, selecting appropriate questionnaire formats, and conducting analysis of the collected data.

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