Target process of decision making as a sync-up point in BI implementation

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In BI projects, we come across the need to demonstrate not only accomplished functionality but also the business value of developed dashboards. It is essential to showcase not only the new options for issue analysis and insight search but also to manifest how the new tool changes the usual decision-making process. The same approach works with developers. Only a motivated developer can develop a quality interface and realize the potential of the BI product at its maximum. We thoroughly discuss with developers what the business process on the customer side looks like. We talk over real-life examples and describe frequent mistakes. In production, we conduct a "value demonstration" of the analytics tool we developed. These are the real-life operations of the reporting system when we use real or imagined data in live mode to demonstrate a decision-making process along with the customer. If the customer plays along, we have done our work well, and the tool will be used in the future.

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