Non-obvious practices of an architect in the arsenal of a system analyst

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  • 40 min

As an IT analyst, I ventured into learning the practices of a solution architect to enhance my work. This talk will explore my reasons for pursuing this education.

I'll share valuable insights gained from my training and how I now apply these practices in system analysis. Specifically, I'll delve into the utility of the Canvas Business Model and Goals View for analysts, the importance of not overlooking conceptual modelling, and avoiding premature database design. Additionally, I'll touch on the Event Storming technique, its application, and subsequent steps in design.

I will discuss how these practices have advanced our architecture improvement efforts. 

The talk will conclude with a checklist and a set of references for further reading on the practices I've mentioned.

Join me to explore how blending roles and skills can lead to innovative approaches in IT analysis and system architecture.

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