Systems thinking and it's place in the work of an analyst

  • 40 min

Systems thinking is a powerful tool for building models of the real world and designing its changes. I talked about it and the underlying rational thinking at the autumn Analyst Days. But are such powerful general tools really necessary for analysts and architects in their daily work? Perhaps simpler techniques are sufficient: highlighting the glossary of the domain area, mindmap for structuring, bpmn for processes, c4 model and Archimate for the architecture of the IT landscape, OOP for building data structures, user story and use case for describing the users' activity, DDD and Event storming for complex domains? All of them are designed for IT and work successfully. 

My experience is that applied methods are good and correct, but without the support of systems thinking, their formal application leads to design errors. In the talk, I will focus on points in the project where mastery of systems thinking is essential and will show how applied methods rely on it.

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