How to Avoid Getting Lost in a Vast Subject Area and IT Landscape?

  • 40 min

During the enhancement of systems within a large interconnected IT landscape, questions often arise, such as:

  • Who should I consult to clarify how this currently works?
  • Who needs to make decisions or approve changes?
  • Which team should be tasked with implementation?
  • How do I create a comprehensive stakeholder registry to ensure no one is overlooked?

Addressing these questions can be facilitated by subdividing the subject area and IT landscape into smaller, well-defined domains, each with designated responsible parties, and subsequently classifying all tasks according to these domains.

Drawing from personal experience, this talk will outline how to establish such a domain classifier, where to begin, potential challenges you may encounter, and strategies for overcoming them. We will also discuss methods for keeping the classifier up to date, the roles required for this purpose, and how to integrate its use into your existing processes.

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