The Analyst's Fault in a Non-Functional Feature. Issues in the Analyst's Interaction with the Team

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Quite often, the approach “something doesn't work — the analyst is to blame” is cultivated in the team. Most often, this approach works for beginners. I think quite often each of us has the thought “they're new, they might have made a mistake out of ignorance.” But there is a situation when this approach is still supported within well-established teams. Such a culture within a team transforms into the formation of anxiety in the analyst. This anxiety is akin to the feeling that arises if you look at a photo for a long time — after a minute it begins to seem that the light is falling the wrong way, everything is somehow blurred, the composition is ugly. Over time, the analyst begins to panic before each meeting, acquires impostor syndrome. As part of the talk, I'll reveal this topic and talk about the causes of imbroglio in the team, the impact of impostor syndrome on the accuracy of relationship building, as well as tools that can help not only the analyst, but also the team process.

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