API-First vs UI-First. Clash

  • 40 min

Where to start when tackling a task? From the service architecture? Or research? Sketch prototypes for the designer to make them look pretty? So far, these magical whirls of functional and non-functional requirements sweep you into a wonderful future. Meanwhile, the CTO and Tech Leads are saying we're API-First. And the designer is shoving layouts under your arm, claiming they and the product manager have already drawn everything up…

So, what to do to ensure this circus of contradictions does not turn into a bloody drama from the start? Because if you start only with UI, the layouts will end up in a drawer and never make it to production. And if you start with the technical side, you can't build a designer spaceship.

In this presentation, we'll put an end to this magical circus: we'll show how to reconcile API-First with design and lay the foundation for a spaceship — beautiful on the outside and functional on the inside.

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