Development and Management of Unified API Contracts

  • 40 min

This presentation explores the diversity of methods for developing and documenting API contracts, including OpenAPI, Excel, Protobuf, and others, with a primary focus on OpenAPI. It delves into why OpenAPI is the best tool for system analysts and clarifies the distinction between OpenAPI and Swagger. 

The presentation will demonstrate how OpenAPI contributes to enhancing the quality and efficiency of team performance. It covers practical aspects: methods for accurately describing APIs, the selection of tools for creating and maintaining specifications, and strategies for managing these processes. Focus is given to the collaboration between system analysts, developers, and testers, as well as managing changes in contracts within large projects involving teams of more than 30 people. 

It is useful for those who want through the deep understanding of OpenAPI improve the processes of analysis, development, testing, and support of complex systems.

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