Role of product analyst in B2B marketing: optimization of promotion strategy and clients attraction

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What is product marketing, and why is it so important today? 

In the era of digitalization and increasing competition, not only the features and quality of a product remain significant, but also its value in the eyes of users. Well-coordinated work of teams both on the strategy for developing the functionality of the product and on the strategy for its promotion can provide the best results in achieving interest and attention from the target audience. 

Objectives of the talk: 

  • reveal the details of building a continuous process of enhancing product’s marketing strategy from the position of analyst;
  • talk about the tools that were used and whether they were effective;
  • share experience in building cross-team interaction processes.

In my presentation, I will share our team’s experience in finding a balance between high-quality product development and work on making users aware of its value.

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