How to define software quality requirements in numbers

  • 40 min

In open publications and standards on software requirements one can see lists of software quality attributes, which can be useful to define & measure in it projects.

Yet these lists are of little help when it comes to the point where analyst needs to define specific requirement in numbers – for example, for usability or scalability.

I will present my model for external & in use software quality, which proved to be useful. I will also provide instruction on how to select quality profile and how to specify it so that it can be measured.

Presented model covers:

- 14 classes of IT systems and respective profiles

- 4 levels of quality

- 12 quality attributes

- 20 quality metrics

Listeners will be given handouts with all necessary templates and instructions.

Как задавать требования к качеству ПО в цифрах from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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