Александр Белин
EPAM Systems, Columbia

RUP or Agile или выбор подхода для IT проекта

Analytical world is vast and heterogeneous. We are separated by a distance, by the difference in time, by culture, and by the language barrier .

But, nothing separates us as a adherence to the different approaches. Main watershed runs between two camps: supporters and followers of the classical approach and Agile ideology.

Who are right? Which side should we take, in order not to make a mistake in life choices? And in general should we make a choice at all?

This report is the result of a long discussion between fans and opponents of these two polar approaches.

In the report, we will learn that there are quite clear and formal features of the project we need to analyze in order to make reasonable choice which approach is the most applicable for some particular project.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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