Using storytelling and projective tests for requirements elicitation and validation

  • 40 min

Requirements identification is always a challenge for business- or systems-analyst . Especially when processes are not precisely defined or stakeholders do not have a clear understanding of user interaction in the system. The analyst must capture all the ideas and assumptions of each stakeholder , and only in order to discover their incompleteness and inconsistency. Also, you should always remember that customers usually do not say what they want , and certainly not what they actually need.

And here we can use psychodiagnostic methods , such as storytelling and projective tests . Ask Stakeholder tell the story which included your system . Ask them to play user interaction on the dolls. Ask them to draw abstract vision of system or construct it from Lego blocks . Remove verbal communication channel - and all the distortions associated with it . And the clients can clearly demonstrate you their needs and concerns.

Сторителлинг и проективные тесты from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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