VCM+ for elicitation of contradictions in the stakeholder requirements

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Detecting and solving of problems in the business system is one of the most important goals of the business analysis. Business analyst is often faces with the situation where stakeholders hide problems. The main reasons are

- stakeholders are not aware the state of the problem,

a problem concerns the interests of different stakeholders etc.

The negative result of the unsolved problem is stakeholders` dissatisfaction with the result of the project.

There are few methods in business analysis to detect and solve problems. The purpose of my report is to present Value-Conflict Mapping Plus (VCM+) method. This method allows the business analyst to detect hidden requirements of stakeholders and identify problems in the business system in the form of the requirements` contradictions. The effectiveness of the method is demonstrated by examples of real-life IT-projects. The report will demonstrate how the method VCM+ can be integrated into the IT-technology. 

Метод VCM+ для выявления противоречий в требованиях заинтересованных л from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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