Requirements development process during product refinement for the particular customer

  • 40 min

While creating a software product that will be in demand at the market one of the most important things is to find golden mean between what should be included in the base product and what should be developed only for individual customers. And this affects the process of business analysis not only in the team, that configures and modifies the product for the customer. The overall requirements process of the company should be interconnected at different stages of the product creation and solution configuration. What difficulties may arise during the requirements gathering and analysis in the finalizing process? During this presentation we’ll discuss the requirements process during the product setup and delivering solutions on the base of the existing product. Customers work in various production processes and conditions, so it’s necessary to take into consideration cultural distinctions and features of the legislative base in the different countries.

Особенности работы с требованиями при доработке продукта для заказчи from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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