Two and half analysts & outsorcing software development

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In our paper we would like to present a number of nuances about certain analyst activities in the rank of project team for outsourcing software development in case where the project is represented by unique business-solution for individual customer and where the project should be designed for specific problem domain. Our presentation will highlight a number of moments concerning an interaction scheme between the development team and analyst, it will be told about the ways of working in tough time frame, it will be described in detail a number of tangled situations about the communications with customer (negotiating is encouraged), would be brough up an issue of the project manager’s role and the value of his opinion in terms of discussion about a particular customer requirements relevance. it would be outlined a common analyst tools and its usage scale in this or other situation.

Два с половиной аналитика и разработка аутсорсом from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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