Analist view: Who is Project Manager and how to deal with him

  • 40 min

Déformation professionnelle forces us to analyze and classify everything around us. In our article we’ve tried to look at analyst - project manager communications. How should we deal with PM? What would be the results?
We will discuss 4 possible behavior strategies:
  1. Indifference - doing what you were told to.
  2. Friendship - trying to help your Project Manager.
  3. War - arguing with your Project Manager.
  4. Alarming - informing everyone around about your project problems.
We’ll try to describe advantages and disadvantages of these strategies, possible consequences and risks they managed to reveal. Project goals achievement is not taken into consideration. Article mentions Analyst's goals only.

Кто для аналитика руководитель проекта и с каким соусом его едят from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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