The role of a business analyst in the development of own Business Rule Engline from scratch as a main project platform

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When starting to work on a brand-new, fairly complex project, it’s very important to get to the same page in the sphere of business rules formalization. One of the universal solutions to this problem is a system of Business Rule Engine – the rules to build new business rules for a project. More formally, Business Rule Engine is a set of several Doman-Specific Languages along with the rules for their development and interaction.

How to segregate parts of system that are suitable for formalization via DSL ?

What kinds of DSL are there? How to describe the grammar of these DSLs? What specialists should be involved in DSL formalization and when?

What types of DSL suit the requirements best? Will the grammar of these DSL change over project lifetime?

What methodology (Waterfall, Agile) suit best when working out project business rules?

A rich set of real-life project examples is given.

Роль бизнес аналитика в разработке собственной Business Rule Engine с нуля как основной платформы проекта from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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