Templatize it. How to make analyst's life easier using Requirements Patterns.

  • 40 min

From project to project business analyst faces the tasks and functionality they were previously working on. But despite the point that tasks are similar analysts tend to start working on them from scratch. Starting from scratch is good, but it also means that such approach increases the risk of appearance of new "old" mistakes or missing known limitations. Analysts wasting time on fixing those mistakes instead of work on new functionality.
In order to avoid such problems, I suggest to start applying approach of Requirements Patterns. This will effect in faster requirements of better quality. Using requirements patterns approach will simplify the life of every participant of the project: from project managers to testers. Requirement patterns allow us to avoid known mistakes, and lead to standard process, where applicable. In this talk I want to share the experience of using requirement patterns in live projects and show the examples of how you can develop patterns for your projects.

Шаблонизируй это. Как паттерны требований облегчают жизнь аналитика from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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