Teaching concepts of OOP as an easy way of increasing productivity of a business analyst and a system analyst

  • 40 min

OOP – is a tool to solve domain difficulty problem. Encapsulation – is hiding, but first of all it’s a method of hiding variability and difficulty only after that. Natural contradiction between hiding variability by increasing difficult and hiding difficulty in common sense.  Inheritance and polymorphism as a variant of encapsulation.” Complex systems characteristics as a pack of metaphors for facilitation BA specialist’s everyday job” Have you ever heard such interpretation of OOP paradigm? This approach helps you to understand OOP on a conceptual way only on 3 hours of lectures + some practical classes, specific for you company. What are classes, object… but maybe we need to go deeper – refactoring; idiomatic design and architectural patterns; best planning practices. We will try to solve even wider situation by answering the question “How can you organize such training in your own company by you own powers?”

Преподавание концептуальных основ ООП как простой способ повышения производительности Бизнес и Системного Аналитика from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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