Who is an analyst at the "outside" and at the "inside "? How to achieve a perfect result in the project?

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My report is for those analysts who just starting their career. I have wide experience as an analyst from both sides (consultant and customer sides). I would like to focus on the functions and features of the role of the analyst "outside" and "inside".

We live in a difficult time, everyone is looking for how to improve their abilities to move forward and get results. We try to use standards, rules. Do they always work perfectly as we suppose? How do analyst (PM) imagine the project, goals, when it comes to the customer to solve their problem? What should analyst (PM) do to get the best results when it is on the customer side? Answers to all these questions will help to understand the features of the analyst job on both sides. This story will allow to understand the relationship and visions of two teams during the project .

This report may also be useful to those who wants to achieve good results when dealing with "difficult customers", and when dealing with "difficult consultants."

Аналитик “снаружи” и “изнутри”. Как добиться идеального результата from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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