How we specified a project with UML

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Business analysts have to write documentation in the different conditions - it isn`t always clear what our customer wants. It could happen that requirements are written after the "magic" of development.

In the talk, we consider a project when analysts were integrated after development, and the main task was to find a convenient way of documentation that would be good for all project's members .

The situation is also complicated by an international team - part of the development and analysis were in St.Petersburg, and customers - in Germany. Things were not running well with normal specifications and documents became quickly obsolete, we solved this problem using the modeling language UML, and we described web services as diagrams, using Enterprise Architect.

Pictures are always a good idea and they play an important role in the documentation. As a result, we have a "living" and clear model of the project, and with some small tricks, it`s possible to generate a "paper" version of the spec.

Как мы специфицировали проект с помощью UML from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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