An All-Russia B2G/G2G Information Interchange System: An Analyst’s view from Both Public and Private Sectors

  • 40 min

Effective as early as 2010, the Russian Federation State and Municipal Services Law No. 210-FZ affects each analyst involved in projects initiated and done to meet its regulatory requirements. 
The talk discusses key features of information interchange between banking businesses and their governmental counterparts (e.g. Federal Migration Service (FMS), Federal Customs Service (FTS), etc.) via the brand-new all-Russia B2G/G2G Information Interchange System (SMEV, We hope that the experience we’ve recently gained will help the audience understand when, why, and how SMEV integration requirements can arise and be successfully met in their respective projects.

Особенности работы на стыке коммерческого и гос сектора from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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