Features of the requirements in the integration project

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The purpose of the report - to form a picture of the main activity that should be paid attention to when documenting requirements in the project for integration:
1) How to start the formation of a job requirement?
2) How to describe the interaction of systems involved in the exchange?
3) How to describe the services that are implemented through the interaction of?
4) How to describe the requirements for the development of routing and logging modules.

The report generated from the point of view of the analyst responsible for the development on the developer side of the integration module, which is implemented by means of the interaction of systems involved in the exchange of data.

The report is aimed at beginners to analysts, who have an idea about the basic terms of analytics tasks in the project for integration.

Особенности разработки требований в интеграционном проекте from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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