Modeling interprocess interaction in mobile соmmerce

  • 40 min
Life is always richer and more complex than any attempt to describe it. So we usually trying to define business processes easier and simpler for better understanding by business users, leaving «behind the scenes» some rare alternative and non-essential details. Unfortunately, in some cases, «painting a rosy picture» does not work anymore and the only way is to create a complex and accurate description.

The lecture is based on the practical experience when detailed analysis of interprocess interaction is the only way to describe business processes and keep them useful. Described example shows how the company get significant benefits from detailed and accurate business process description. BPMN notation was used for a description of business processes.

Моделирование межпроцессного взаимодействия в мобильной коммерции from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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