Communication with different MindSet: Taxonomy vs Folksonomy

  • 40 min

An analyst starts his work with building a hierarchical structure of terms, where all clears and understandable for all stakeholders. This is a scientific mindset. However, there is an alternative - a tag cloud of concepts with associative chains. Therefore, thinks the child, when still cannot create logical structures. Previously we believed that a professional’s mindset should be based on hierarchical structure, but now comes the understanding that second mindset also works effectively: marketing, political technologies and media follows by this way.

There was even a special word – folksonomy – contrary to the taxonomy for logical classification. Imagine that you describe a clear hierarchical architecture to a colleague and it seems he knows all the words. Only in his head instead of taxonomies - cloud folksonomy in which your design will fall quite differently.

The analyst must be able to work with it, and in the talk, I will give a few methods based on schemes of SMD-methodology.

Коммуникация при различной структуре мышления from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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