Evolving Role of Business Analysts in the Era of Agile and Digitalization

  • 40 min

The world is changing rapidly, technology advances in the blink of an eye, systems are getting more and more complex, and businesses need to ‘innovate' to remain competitive in this challenging world. This brings out 'Business Analyst 2.0' model which defines the evolving role of business analysts in the era of Complexity, Digitalisation, Agility and User Centricity.

In this challenging era, customer needs are also changing rapidly. Therefore, companies should change the way they think, the way they initiate and manage the change in their organisations. They need to adapt to change, focus on strategy, value and innovation. For this reason, the role of Business Analyst stands at the heart of the future success for companies. 

My session is designed to assist professionals to carry out paradigm shifts in their mindset about Business Analysis and Business Analyst’s role. The session will hopefully help attendees to set the practical standards for the future of business analysis profession. 

Эволюция роли бизнес-аналитиков в эру agile и цифровой трансформации from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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