Наталья Леонова
Devexperts, Saint Petersburg

Communication failures and their friends

Communication is probably one of the most important parts of the analysts work. Communication with customer during clarification of requirements, communication with developers and testers, and also a simple communication with colleagues  - all these things require certain communication skills. Every analyst knows that a clear and uncluttered written document needs a lot of time and effort spent on it. 

There are often difficulties in communication process  that make our live more complicated. And if misunderstandings can occur in case of communication with colleagues and clients, that speak one (native) language, how we can behave if a job includes communication in a foreign language, and sometimes no only one. 

We will discuss a number of terms and concepts that will help us to cope better with the difficulties in communication, as well as they will contribute us  to begin "to call a spade a spade". We will check on the example of the multicultural project that it really works.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)


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