Applied analytics of ERP system for small business or “the order starts from small steps”

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I am a technical manager in a small engineering company who has experience of our document flow automation. In everyday routine our employers had to work with lots of official documents and letters, there were many strict regulations and stable rules related to our document flow process, so one day we started to think about automation of this process. My talk will show you a document automation solution that has been applied in my company.  Our solution is based on ERP system deployment and TDMS platform usage. The solution can be used by small companies with an isolated flow of documents and with business communications related to lots of other companies. This presentation can be useful for you if you are analyst, deployment specialist or manager and you would like or have to organize and automate document flow in a small business or company.

Прикладная аналитика ERP системы для малого предприятия from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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