Analysts Team Lead: a dive into virtual team management

  • 40 min

“Virtual teams” – a group of people, working together from different locations—is a common phenomenon of XXI century. As companies expand geographically and as telecommunication progress becomes more evident, “Business” often pushes to go to the virtual team approach in order to meet the cost reduction targets.

In my presentation, I would like to cover the following topics:

  • Common difficulties, which are applicable to almost every geographically distributed team and the ways of dealing with them.
  • Characteristics of analysis team members, which can be helpful to a TeamLead not only to focus on the tasks but also to build comfortable atmosphere in the team.
  • My personal “Lessons Learned”, which even costed me (or almost costed me) good team members leaving me.

The event will be likely useful to existing Team Leads, who consider expanding their geography, as well as to just promoted Team Leads, who are just starting working with his team of analysts.

Управление виртуальной командой аналитиков from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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