Per aspera ad astra: why it is necessary to reach out to users and how to do it

  • 40 min

It's not easy to conduct a user research: it takes time, money, you need a researcher and an access to users. Getting access to users is a separate complicated task. Business clients are not always ready to solve it. The reasons may be different:

• belief in their profound knowledge of users

• doubts about user competence and knowledge

• belief that the study is impossible to organize

• fear that users won't participate

• concern that time and money will be wasted

The client refuses to conduct a user research. How to deal with customer's objections?

We will look at three cases:

• website development

• development of professional interface

• studies of self-service kiosks

Then we will discuss:

• how to work with high-quality methodology

• problems of reaching out to users

• research results

We will also suggest recommendations on how to explain the value of user research to business clients.

Через тернии к звездам: почему надо добиваться доступа к пользователям и как это делать from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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