Дмитрий Безуглый
ООО "Системный Подход", Moscow
Инна Остановская
ООО Центр 2М, Moscow

Where do the goals come from? How to find them?

To see the goal, believe in yourself and do not notice any obstacles.
Start is a half of all.


Have you encountered a situation where: 

  • The project is associated with the overall strategic performance of the company: but beyond measurable indicators, to understand how it should affect the project to the achievement of these objectives - undefined
  • Owner rushing from one idea to other and can not stop on what needs to be done
  • Project objectives weakly related with the project result 
  • "You're clever. Invent something on your own :-)"

All these are signs that in the organization and, perhaps, not only in the organization, there can be serious problems c goal-setting.

As part of the report will be offered a clear model which allows to share and understand what and why you need to share in the goal of management processes, objectives, strategy, how to relate Goal-Driven, Problem-Oriented, Management By Objective and OKR.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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