Business analysis: the edge of reason. Story, based on personal experience

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In today's context, there is an array of companies that provide IT services to different market players. Intrinsically, such IT Companies can be divided into two types: Product Companies and Outsourcing Providers. Product Companies usually make investments in their own product development whilst Outsourcing Providers make resource investment in hiring lead qualification specialists who assist them in winning over the market and customers who do not have any in-house development facilities. Depending on the off-the-peg product delivery, IT Companies can be divided into B2B and B2C ones. It is logical to assume that, as a prerequisite for solutions development and improvement, the successful analyst’s work should be mentioned, in each of these companies.

This report focuses on the identification and research of some specific of an analyst's job. We compare and contrast the differences in principles and methods of requirements management in companies with different IT business models.

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