Alfa-BDD: How to Scale the BDD and to Overcome the Icebergs

  • 40 min

Since 2012, I have been able to successfully implement Behaviour-Driven Development in various teams and even in the team groups. But Alpha in this plan has become such a Peak, which has demanded the conquest of a fundamentally different than the usual approach and a much longer time. Long months of intense training infrastructure, application tools, processes, and most importantly - people.

Today I can say that if the iceberg won the "unsinkable" Titanic, we are ready to conquer the iceberg. And not one, but any icebergs that dare stand in the way of valuable new capabilities to our customers, wherever they are. At the same time, the Bank's analysts take one of the leading roles in the new process.

Explain what exactly we got with the help of visual metaphors, the Gray Sisters of Roger Zelazny (spoiler!) and, of course, with your help, dear friends (yes, we will draw together! +), I would like to April-Moscow InfoSpace hall.

Alfa-BDD: Как масштабировать BDD и побеждать айсберги from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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