Where the involvement is hidden: what we understood when developing and selling the SAAS product

  • 20 min

User engagement is often re-evaluated at the stages of planning and product development.

Easily promised, it just as easily disappears, leaving the product in oblivion, and its owners in bewilderment and counting. Sellers and developers blame each other, and the truth, as usual, is out there.

In my product management experience, there are several automation systems. And if in corporate products user involvement is usually moderated by administration, then when we bring the product to the market, we faced the problem of losing involvement and spent a lot of resources before we realized how it can be solved. Before the development of a new product, I decided to study deeply the involvement in order to be able to predict it correctly.

I will talk about the engagement research world practice, the types of engagement in accordance with the types of IT products and methods that can be used to investigate and predict user engagement at different stages of product development.

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