Александр Константинов
СКБ Контур, Ekaterinburg

How to find the best in your backlog

Diadoc - is the biggest e-document system in Russia. More over 170k organizations exchange documents in Diadoc. We got 3 dev-teamsIt is not easy to choose the best task in a argue of more than 20 customers. As a result of an argue we choose a task, been screamed louder, not the best one. To make desision better we have changed our process. Now we compare all the tasks in our backlog with the one scale. Now we know what of the tasks is the best. 

 During the lecture I'll tell you: 
* the purposes of the changes; 
* when we how we measure tasks; 
* instruments we use; 
* how to compare different tasks; 
* why analysts do this, not managers.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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