10 life hacks to implement product changes in IT companies

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For 3 years I have been developed and introduced major changes in the internal processes and products of our company. My customers are my colleagues. It seems nothing unique. In every medium and large company, there is a department for similar tasks.

But my specific is my specific colleague. All of them, from a secretary to a platform developer, significantly depend on IT technologies. Everyone strives for excellence in each software product. We do not recruit other employees.

That's why there are specific introduce. A couple of examples of problems:

Colleagues ALWAYS come with a ready solution to their problem. They bring a line of code that should be fixed.

On the demo, they like to think up non-existent cases. It is an index of involvement. If you did not say on the demo, then you did not listen well

This is not a complete list of situations. For 3 years, I had life hacks for each case. I will tell in the report about problems and solutions.

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