BI-projects through the eyes of an analyst

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In 2006, marketer Klive Hambi said an interesting and, at that time, a new slogan: "Data is a new oil." Nowadays, there are many accounting systems, and each company tries to collect as much data as possible about its activities, but in raw form, as newly produced oil, it does not bear much value - it needs to be processed. It is at this point that the class of "Business Intelligence" systems comes to the fore. 

BI-systems is a tool that allows companies to process and analyze information about their activities, but to create a useful and helpful tool it is important to determine what it is and what it is that it should receive. At this point, qualified consultants are required to help you choose the right course of implementation and save from a lot of mistakes. 

The report will highlight the work of the consultant at the main stages of the implementation of the business analysis tool.

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