Analyst’s experience in configuration DSL

  • 40 min

IT systems are designed for long-term operation in ever-changing environment. It leads to frequent modifications of any well-functioning business system.

But only a few changes mean the re-considering of existing business-logic. Often this is solely an adjustment of the contract terms and modification of the parameters without the necessity to change the logic of the system. In case of huge amount of such changes, process of their implementation have to be optimized.

Our solution is leveraging configuration DSL. Practical experience of three-years work with configuration DSL allowed us to find and eliminate a lot of pitfalls. It is a story of trial and error, of ups-and-downs, discoveries and insights. A story with a happy end and excellent prospects.

This report will help you to understand when and how to apply DSL for system configuration. You will discover some available tools to create DSL and learn how to bypass traps while implementing this approach.

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