Project start: don't rush into system design, try to understand the goal first

  • 40 min

The system is already deployed to production, but the customer isn't happy. Sounds familiar?

Different researches show that from 40% to 80% of IT projects fail and do not satisfy the customer's needs. Among main factors of this, there are a lot of activities in business analyst field of responsibilities. In this talk, we will analyse two examples and understand how to increase customer's satisfaction level. The main focus of this talk is the phase of analysis and planning before the project start. We will take a look at the following steps in project analysis phase:

  • Understanding project background
  • Target audience identification
  • Project's constraints
  • Stakeholders' analysis
  • Statistics analysis
  • Processes AS IS
  • Processes TO BE
  • Success criteria
  • Risks/Dependencies
  • Product launch plan
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