Special requirements - describe and analyse them!

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  • 20 min

Requirements are the keystone for an analyst. It doesn`t matter in which domain the analyst works, what kind of project he (or she) conducts and what a software methodology is used  -  the analyst's primary task is to identify, analyse and describe the requirements. But the requirements can be different, and sometimes the analysts and the rest of the project team have to face a new level of complexity - "special" requirements, which are out of bounds of the standard IT world.

We will discuss a system and requirements for disabled users, their specifics, identification and description. What such requirements differ from "standard" requirements, what features of communication with the customer and the customer itself appear in this case and how these requirements affect the life cуcle of the application. We will check on the example of a real project how we can work with these requirements, analyse them and implement into the project.

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