Solving the client’s problem rather than blindly doing the task

  • 40 min

Clients often accompany their request for new features with an idea of what exactly it is necessary to develop. Performers, in their turn, embark on designing the features required immediately, without finding out what problems they are supposed to solve. As a result, the solution developed does not meet the client’s expectations, and this may be due to several reasons. First, the customer’s idea may not be relevant to his situation initially. Secondly, the solution may turn out to be wrong because of the details of the implementation. Thirdly, it happens that the task can be accomplished faster and easier. For this reason, the analyst should define the client’s problems as early as on the first stage of the project.

My presentation demonstrates how it can be done and provides the examples of how the immersion into the business plan of the project changes the ways of solving the problem.

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